Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Disabled Victim: Phone May Have Sparked Attack

A disabled teenager who was brutally beaten on a street near his home Tuesday said his cell phone may have been what sparked the attack.

Jerome Brown, 19, who is mentally challenged, was attacked at the intersection of Parkman Street and Dorchester Avenue about 4:40 p.m., left bloody and screaming for help. He said the attack was not random."They hit me in the face. My face was crashed up. I was OK. I got up, walked, but I was limping at the same time," Brown said.

He said he knew the attackers and said they may have wanted his cell phone.

"Over a phone, like, who wants a phone? Like, everybody has a phone ..." Brown said.

A witness said he was inside his home when he heard "awful screams" coming from the area and saw Brown curled up on the ground getting kicked and punched by a group of teens.

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