Saturday, May 29, 2010

Killers of disabled man appeal murder convictions

KENT NEWS: A gang of vigilante killers jailed for kicking and punching a disabled man to death are to appeal against their convictions next month.

The four claim they never intended to murder Ted Shaxted. The 36-year-old received horrific injuries from a brutal attack in his flat, and later died in hospital.

Police tracked down the gang of four and they were eventually convicted of murder at Maidstone Crown Court in February, 2009.

The court had been told Mr Shaxted had been arrested after getting drunk while visiting his girlfriend Doreen Goode.

Her sister Karen Horlock is the mother of one of the killers. Mr Shaxted had taken Mrs Horlock’s Peugeot and dog Poppy and then got into an accident.

Unhappy with the police response, the son and his gang launched the brutal assault leaving Mr Shaxted with fatal injuries in December, 2007.

He died from multiple organ failure two weeks later.

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