Friday, October 10, 2008

Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Disabled Woman

Heather ShannonKatie DeLong
WAUKESHA – A disabled woman was sexually assaulted in Waukesha, and police say the man who did it is an illegal immigrant who was already in trouble with the law.Police say the suspect was already in trouble for a domestic abuse case when he sexually assaulted a woman who couldn't defend herself.

Residents in Waukesha’s Monterrey Apartment Complex are feeling relief after learning the suspect is in custody.TODAY’S TMJ4’s Heather Shannon: “Do you feel safer knowing that the person is in custody?”“Oh definitely, yes,” Kristy Keller said.Keller's elderly parents live in the complex where the assault happened. Many of the residents have been living in fear since the attack."Anyone that would assault anyone, particularly a handicapped person, not somebody you want to have around your folks, or anyone else for that matter,” Keller said.

Waukesha police say the suspect, 35-year-old Juan Carlos Rojas-Sierra, is an illegal alien from Mexico. He was already on probation for domestic disorderly conduct, and lived in Waukesha."When they brought him in he did admit to exactly what he had done,” Waukesha Police Capt. Mark Stigler said.Stigler says Rojas-Sierra sexually assaulted a 28-yea-old disabled woman in the middle of the night."Police say the suspect broke into the first floor apartment using the front door,”

Capt. Stigler said.Stigler says Rojas-Sierra knew the victim was disabled before the assault."There is nothing she could have done to prevent the crime. She is disabled and in fact bed ridden, and was not able to defend herself in any way shape or form,” Capt. Stigler said."I think it's about the lowest thing you can do,” Keller said.Waukesha police have referred charges of sexual assault, burglary and battery. Immigration and customs will also be involved, because he is an illegal alien.

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