Saturday, October 31, 2009

Life For Warrington Man who Murdered Disabled Friend

Warrington man has today pleaded guilty to murder and been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a disabled friend who had looked to him for help and support.

Kevin Francis Walsh, 46, lived in Whitethroat Walk, Warrington. He had difficulties with mobility following health issues in his life, and a small circle of acquaintances would help him out, popping to the shops to collect food and other items he might need, and calling at his home to keep him company. His neighbours described him as a pleasant man who would pass the time of day, but could appear frail.

One of those “Good Samaritans” was Andrew Blaine, 25 years, also of Warrington. Blaine was entrusted by Kevin Walsh with the details of the post office account into which his disability allowance was paid, and would go to the local post office to collect cash for Kevin. However, police believed that Blaine abused this position of trust, and stole money from the vulnerable man who had trusted him. Police subsequently established that the balance of money in Kevin’s account had been cleared out.

Kevin’s body was found slumped in a chair in his home in the early hours of Thursday 12 February 2009. A Home Office post mortem established that the attack which had claimed his life had been sustained and determined, with several different methods of assault upon him to ensure that he would die. While the precise order of the attacks upon him cannot be confirmed, medical experts believe that Kevin was subject to blows to his head and face – possibly delivered by a fist. This caused bruising and injuries to his forehead, nose, and scalp, and to the chest and collarbone. It is thought that Kevin was also attacked using two kitchen knives, with slash wounds running across his nose, cheek, and lips. He also had around 20 puncture wounds to his chest – commensurate with being prodded with the knife – and two full stab wounds to the chest. It is known that Kevin tried to defend himself as he had defensive injuries to his hand. Kevin’s injuries also included evidence of asphyxiation, possibly from his mouth and nose being forcefully blocked. Such was the force used, that

one of Kevin’s teeth was knocked out, and was found in his stomach. Finally, his throat was cut.

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