Saturday, August 22, 2009

Angela Simpson Murders Terry Neely For Fun

A Phoenix native has been facing allegations of torturing and murdering a man helplessly bound to a wheelchair. Angela Simpson on Tuesday confessed to her crime, shouldering responsibility of having inhumanely killed Terry Neely, whom she called nasty. She said she took delight in finishing him off.

Television station KTVK, in an interview with the 33 year old Angela Simpson, recorded a candid acceptance from the murderer who said she tempted a 46-year old Terry Neely to have sex with her and guided him to her apartment. She even promised the man some drugs, she said. Once Neely reached her home she allegedly beat him with a tire iron, plucking out several of his teeth and finally strangled the man with a t.v. cable, after 3 days of persistent torture. She said the experience was gratifying as the man was a snitch.

After Neely died she tried to get rid of him by burning his body. The mutilated remains were traced in a trash container outside church premises on August 5th, and Phoenix police spokesman Luis Samudio said that the body had burnt to such an extent that Neely’s gender could not be determined and only after the body parts were recovered by firefighters that it was identified via his fingerprints.

Angela Simpson behaved brutally indifferent and callous to the seriousness of her crime even asking investigators to give her a candy bar in return for her nonchalant disclosure.
Investigators are “shocked at the casualness” of her monstrosity. Autopsy results revealed that Simpson had even hammered a 3-inch nail into the head of Neely!

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