Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fired caretaker stabs man, attacks woman with frying pan

PHOENIX -- Police say a caretaker who was being fired attacked a disabled man and his wife at their Phoenix home Wednesday.

According to Phoenix Police Sgt. Tommy Thompson, 46-year-old Benny Peralta had been hired to take care of a 62-year-old man at his home near 4th Street and Broadway.

On Wednesday afternoon, the man's wife was in the process of firing Peralta when he became upset.

He reportedly grabbed a dog from the man, who was sitting in a wheelchair, and threw the dog against the wall.

Peralta then grabbed the man from his wheelchair and stabbed him several times with a kitchen knife while he was on the ground, according to Thompson.

He said that when the man's 56-year-old wife tried to intervene, Peralta struck her in the head with a frying pan.

Peralta then took money from the woman and fled.

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