Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Disabled woman victim of washing up liquid attack in Barrow street

A DISABLED woman was squirted with washing up liquid and had an egg hurled at her in a random attack.

Police have described it as a nasty assault on a vulnerable member of the public.

They are appealing for the public’s help in tracking down the callous pair who carried out the unprovoked attack.

Detectives say the woman was heading along Cambridge Street, Barrow, about 9.15pm on Monday when a black car came to a sudden halt next to her.

A man in his 20s leapt out and squirted Fairy Liquid in the woman’s hair and all over her scooter before jumping back in the car.

His female accomplice then hurled an egg but it narrowly missed the already frightened woman. The pair then sped off at high speed from the scene.

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