Friday, April 17, 2009

Disabled man attacked in his wheelchair

Disabled man attacked in his wheelchair on Lord Street, Southport

James Jones
A WHEELCHAIR-BOUND man was attacked by a drunken woman on Lord Street.
Now police are urging Visiter readers to help them try and arrest the female thug, who launched a mindless attack on the defenceless former Royal Navy officer.
The girl in her early 20s tried to leap into 51-year-old James Jones’ lap as he made his way home after watching Liverpool FC.
James, confined to a wheelchair after breaking his neck while serving in navy, said: “She tried to jump onto my knee, and put her arms out, so I tried to go around her.
“Because she was standing still she swung me round into the post - the metal stantion.
“I shouted, ‘Oi what are you doing?’ and she started effing and jeffing at me.”
The woman, who appeared to have been drinking heavily, was then restrained by her boyfriend.
James said: “He had her by the arms, but she still tried to take a swipe at my face.
“My leg and arm were cut and the footplate of my chair was broken off when I hit the post.
“Her boyfriend told me to ‘do one’, but I couldn’t leave because my footplate was on the floor.”
The pair then made off and eventually a passerby helped James by picking up his footplate for him.
“I trundled home very slowly with one foot dragging on the floor,” James said.

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